Social responsibility

Respect for human rights

Varma’s operations may have an impact on the implementation of human rights in three groups: employees of the investees, own personnel and employees of the supply chain companies. In accordance with our Principles for Human Rights, we are committed to addressing human rights violations in these three groups.

As regards investees, we monitor whether the companies follow national legislation and international human rights agreements.

Varma has guidelines in place for addressing violations concerning the company’s own personnel. Inappropriate conduct is intervened with firmly. Varma employees’ observations and experiences of inappropriate conduct are regularly examined through surveys.

Varma’s suppliers must be able to demonstrate the controls they have in place to ensure that human rights are realised in their operations and supply chain. Human rights abuses must be addressed, and corrective measures must be taken without delay.

Principles for Human Rights

Securing pensions

Responsibility for pension assets extends well into the future. Our task is to strive for the best possible return on our investments through controlled risk-taking in order to increase those pension assets and secure the payment of pensions. Responsibility guides all our investment decisions.

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Smooth implementation of pension cover is our core task. We aim to provide our pension and rehabilitation customers with expert advice and sufficient information in support of their decisions, as well as swift and correct pension decisions.

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Managing disability risks

Disability risk management reduces sick leave rates and longer-term disability, lowers disability pension costs and improves well-being at work and productivity.

Varma influences the disability risk by providing its client companies with guidance in identifying risks and choosing the correct measures.

We support the work ability of our client companies’ employees by helping them to continue in working life for as long as possible. Vocational rehabilitation gives people the opportunity to continue in working life if an illness makes it difficult to continue working. If the ability to work has not been regained or it has been permanently lost, disability pension secures an income.

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Responsibility for Varma employees

Responsibility for Varma employees means taking care of work ability, equal treatment, motivating remuneration, continuous competence development, and a flexible and modern work culture.

We focus on occupational safety and on maintaining our employees’ work ability. Smooth daily work forms the foundation for our work ability. It is created through clear targets, competence development, consistent supervisory work, consideration of work ability limitations and employees with partial work ability, and through efficient processes for active support, occupational health care partnerships and returning to work.

Varma is a fair and non-discriminatory workplace that does not tolerate discrimination, bullying or harassment. We work hard to ensure that we are an inclusive and diverse workplace. At Varma, acceptance of diversity starts with the principle that everyone is free to be themselves.

Varma’s personnel carry out demanding expert work that is meaningful for society and requires continuous development and renewal. Each Varma employee has a personal three-year development plan in place.

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Social responsibility numbers and actions


We process pension applications swiftly. About 90 per cent of our customers receive their first pension in the same month as their pension entitlement begins.


Vocational rehabilitation helps people to continue in working life despite work ability challenges. Of our customers who start a rehabilitation programme, more than 80 per cent return to the labour market.


Human rights policy or guidelines have been drawn up by 75 per cent of the fund management companies in which Varma has invested.