A secure future for everyone

Through our sustainability work we are building a better world for current and future generations.​ Our Sustainability Programme has three focus areas: Ensuring secure pensions, Investing for change, For sustainable working life.

The focus areas of Sustainability Programme

Ensuring secure pensions

We build trust in pension security and a sustainable future.​ Taking care of pension assets and paying pensions correctly and in due time are the cornerstone of everything we do. We operate transparently and ethically, while also taking cost-effectiveness and environmental impacts into account. We are firmly committed to responsible customer service and constantly developing our ways of working. 

Our sustainability pledge

We offer our customers equal, timely and the most responsible pension insurance service.

In order to keep our promise:

  • We offer our customers timely services and comply strictly with law
  • Ethics and transparency steer our customer work
  • We are customer-oriented and develop our operations continuously

We take into account our impacts on the environment and society throughout our value chain.

In order to keep our promise:

  • We assess our impact on people and the environment and reduce our negative impacts
  • We will achieve carbon neutrality in our own operations by 2025

Investing for change

We aim for better returns and reduced risks through responsible investment. Responsibility is a core aspect of all our investment decisions. We direct our investments towards tackling the global challenges: mitigating climate change, adapting to the changes it brings, slowing down biodiversity loss and promoting human rights. We support the progress of sustainability in our investments.

Our sustainability pledge

We are committed to achieving a carbon-neutral investment portfolio by 2035.

In order to keep our promise:

  • We updated our climate policy in summer 2022
  • We actively engage with our investees

We promote investment practices that positively contribute to the development of communities and the wellbeing of people.

In order to keep our promise:

  • We monitor the human rights risks and impacts of our investments and promote the reduction of negative impacts
  • We engage with our partners to ensure that they include sustainability aspects in their investment practices

We pay attention to biodiversity in our investment operations.

In order to keep our promise:

  • We will define a biodiversity roadmap for our investments in 2022

For sustainable working life

We support work ability in a world that’s going through incredible change. We help our customers anticipate and manage disability risk. In this way, we promote sustainable working life together. We take care of Varma employees and their competence. We build an inspiring workplace, where everyone can be themselves. We openly share our insights, because a good working life belongs to all.

Our sustainability pledge

We are a leader in sustainable working life, and we create solutions to promote work ability together with our customers and partners.

In order to keep our promise:

  • We develop impactful and research-based services
  • We develop solutions and operating models to be utilized by the whole sector
  • We support a diverse working life, youth employment and improving mental health in working life

Varma is a responsible employer that boldly develops its operations and openly shares its insights.

In order to keep our promise:

  • We support Varma employees’ ability to respond to the changing needs of working life
  • We work towards a diverse, equal and inclusive work culture
  • We support Varma employees’ work ability and build a sustainable work culture


We report on the progress of our sustainability work in our Annual and Sustainability Report.