Varma and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We promote several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our business operations.

How do we promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

1 No poverty

  • Our core task is securing pensions. We secure the income of Finns and ensure that earnings-related insurance cover is achieved.
  • We ensure that people who are retiring receive uninterrupted income.

8 Decent work and economic growth

  • We promote employment and meaningful work in our customer companies, our own work community and in the whole of society through our public task.
  • We protect labour rights and promote a safe working environment for all by taking into account the impact we have on people in our operations and value chain.
  • We support entrepreneurship and job creation by, among other things, ensuring appropriate pension insurance, ensuring sufficient social security and offering corporate financing.​

10 Reduced inequalities

  • We offer our customers equal and timely service.
  • We take into consideration the impact of our operations on people and communities throughout our value chain. This means reducing inequality, for example, through investment practices that consider the impact of the investees on people, and by understanding our impacts on people in our supply chain and by minimising negative impacts.
  • We promote equality and non-discrimination in our own work community.

13 Climate action

  • We are committed to achieving a carbon-neutral investment portfolio by 2035.
  • Through our investment operations, we improve institutions’ ability to adapt to risk factors and natural disasters related to the climate and increase awareness of climate change risks.​
  • We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality in our own operations by 2025.

16 Peace, justice and strong institutions

  • We prevent corruption and bribery in our operations and investees' operations.
  • We promote the development of effective, accountable and transparent institutions in our investment operations.
  • We promote peaceful, fair and inclusive societies through our investment operations.

12 Responsible consumption and production

  • We promote the sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, and the reduction of waste, for instance, using methods applying circularity in our real estate investments and in our own premises.
  • We encourage our investees to adopt sustainable operating methods and to report on them.

3 Good health and well-being

  • We promote mental health and well-being by helping our client companies to predict and manage disability risk, by promoting sustainable work culture in our work community and by considering the impacts of our investment operations on people.