What to do when I need help using the online service?

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Read answers to typical questions about Varma Online Service. You will also find solutions to the most common problems people encounter when logging into the service. For authentication, Varma uses the Suomi.fi identification service.

You can only take care of your personal pension and rehabilitation matters in the online service. You can not access another person's matters in the service even if they had authorised you to do so.

However, YEL insurance matters can also be taken care of by someone other than the YEL insured entrepreneur. The YEL insured entrepreneur can authorise other users to manage YEL insurance matters in Varma Online Service. See more instructions on how to authorise.

Online banking codes are personal. In the online service, you can only take care of matters of the person under whose name the codes are. Joint banking credentials cannot be used to access several persons’ information.

  • Log in to the online service on the front page of varma.fi. Do not use links saved to favourites in your internet browser.
  • On the login page, check that our services are not down. Downtime is indicated at the top of the login page.
  • The internet browser may cause problems in logging in. Clear the browser’s history and remove cookies. Then try to log in again. Instructions for clearing the history:
    • Google Chrome: History > Clear browsing data
    • Mozilla Firefox: History > Clear Recent History > Clear Now
    • Microsoft Edge: History > ⋯ > Clear browsing data
  • We do not recommend using the Internet Explorer browser. The security of the online service is important to us. Consequently, we do not support browsers with insufficient security features.

You can use Varma Online Service if you have Finnish online banking codes.

As a private customer you can sign in to Varma Online Service using your personal online banking codes.

A business customer's username is personal and mainly in the format of an email address.

If you cannot remember your username, you can send us a username inquiry.

As a private customer you can sign in to Varma Online Service using your personal online banking codes.

Business customers can request a new password here:

Request a new password

Enter your username and email address, and we will email you a password reset link. The link is valid for 30 minutes.

There may be several reasons for this:

  • The company has not concluded the web service agreement. Fill in the web service agreement here. In order to conclude the web service agreement, you must be authorised in your company to make commitments.
  • You have not been granted access rights to the information of the company in question. Request access rights from the company’s main user.