Highlighting our climate efforts on Zero Emissions Day

Varma is taking part in today’s Zero Emissions Day, which aims to give the world a break from fossil fuels and call attention to harmful emissions.

Varma’s biggest climate impacts stem from our investment activities.

“We have set ambitious targets to mitigate the effects of climate change, as we aim to have a carbon-neutral investment portfolio by 2035,” says Varma’s Director of Responsible Investments Hanna Kaskela.

Geothermal heating to replace district heating

In recent years, Varma has focussed on reducing the emissions of its investment portfolio. Good results have been achieved, for instance, in properties, in which the carbon footprint has decreased by 27% since 2015.

Emissions will be targeted with even greater intensity in the future, when the heat source for a large proportion of Varma’s residential properties switches to heat pumps. Heat pumps and solar panels will be installed in 36 apartment buildings, which means the emissions from Varma’s total housing stock will decrease by an estimated 48% by 2023. In some apartment buildings, geothermal heating will replace district heating entirely.

Global recognition for climate actions

Varma has been recognised for its climate actions in international comparisons. For example, Varma had the best ranking among Finnish companies in a comparison of pension funds in the AODP’s global climate index, coming in 5th place.

In August, Varma was recognised for its work to combat climate change when it was given the first-ever Geranium Award granted by the Activist Grannies (Aktivistimummot). Established in autumn 2019, the Activist Grannies movement rewards deeds that demonstrate a dedication to taking climate change seriously and inspire more and more people to take a path of activism.

Zero Emissions Day is also a big event on social media. You can follow and participate in the dialogue with the hashtags #ZeroEmissionsDay and #Nollapäästöpäivä.

What is Zero Emissions Day?

The purpose of Zero Emissions Day is to help the world eliminate the use of fossil fuels and raise awareness of the harm caused by carbon dioxide emissions. The aim is to encourage people to make climate-friendly choices in their day-to-day life.

Zero Emissions Day was held for the first time in Canada in 2008. The Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC ) launched the event in Finland in 2017. CLC is Europe’s largest non-profit climate business network, and it has 71 Finnish member organisations. Varma is a member of the CLC.

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