Develop your organisation’s work ability with the help of our fully revamped online service

The new Varma Online Service launched in May provides Varma’s customers with easy and smooth insurance services through one address. In addition to insurance services, the Varma Online Service offers tools and knowledge-based support for developing work ability in your organisation.

The Work Ability section in the Varma Online Service replaces the Work Ability Management service. The Work Ability section also includes fully renewed services, such as those for risk assessment and analysis.

Identify risks, review risk analyses and plan actions that improve work ability

The digital services of the Varma Online Service allow you to manage work ability at all stages of work ability and employment.

Use the new risk assessment tool to identify your organisation’s disability risks at a more detailed level. Through risk identification, you get an understanding of the state of strategic work ability management in your organisation, the feasibility of practices related to work ability and the physical and psychosocial workload factors for various occupational groups. The risk assessment can be updated whenever the organisation’s situation changes, and thus you can always have an up-to-date analysis of the state of work ability.

The Risk Analysis tool now includes more information and provides you with a comprehensive overview of the current state of work ability and allows you to plan appropriately targeted measures. The better potential work ability risks are understood, the easier it is to develop operations in a proactive and effective manner.

In the online service, you can find various survey tools that you can utilise for identifying disability risks. Varma Academy, an online learning environment that you can access smoothly directly from the online service, provides guidance for the planning of measures. Varma Academy provides you with access to work ability management-related content that has been created by our experts: online courses, podcasts, webinars and blogs. Digital content is available to organisations of all sizes and is helpful for supervisors, HR professionals and entrepreneurs managing their own company.

The Work ability section in the Varma Online Service

The Work ability section in the Varma Online Service allows you to create a smooth process for the management of disability risks from the assessment of risks to the implementation of development measures and the monitoring of effects. The service helps you identify disability risks and prevent and manage them through correctly targeted measures.

In the Work Ability section of the online service you can, for example,

  • identify the disability risks relevant to your organisation
  • view data and analyses related to work ability
  • view the previous action plan for work ability management or create a new one.


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Our new Varma Online Service provides our customers with smooth service and effective tools for the development of work ability
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