Varma Online Service revised again – Check out the entire offering of our smooth user-friendly service

Varma Online Service continues to offer new and useful services. The update released this week combines a self-employed person’s personal pension and rehabilitation matters and Self-employed Persons’ Pension Act (YEL) insurance-related services in a single unambiguous service with a fresh appearance. The Varma Online Service therefore continues to offer even easier, smoother and more secure services in all matters for employers, self-employed persons and private customers – 24/7, at a single address and also with mobile devices. Take a closer look at all the new features and our full digital service offering.

Varma’s digital services are developed all year long in close co-operation with customers. All developers of the Varma Online Service share a goal – to offer easy and smooth service in important day-to-day matters.

“We are delighted to carry out the development work in co-operation with our customers. There have been several joint development days, and already some 50 entrepreneurs and private customers have shared their thoughts and ideas with us to use – we are truly grateful for this. The major launch of the Varma Online Service took place a year ago, and it is now again the time to report the benefits of our latest update,” says Tea Kultti, Director, Business Development.

Entrepreneur – take care of all of your matters in a single service view

This update of the Varma Online Service will offer the biggest benefit to our self-employed customers. Going forward, the service will allow taking care of both personal pension and rehabilitation matters and YEL insurance-related matters in the same view. In addition, the clear navigation on the home page makes it easy to find all personal information, messages and documents.

In the service, you can, for example,

  • see your insurance details and update them
  • comprehensively browse YEL insurance invoices and invoice specifications
  • download the invoice as a PDF (starting from July invoices)
  • apply for extended payment term for an invoice
  • subscribe to e-mail invoices
  • use a reference of your choice to be displayed on the invoice
  • apply for amendments to confirmed YEL income
  • order diverse insurance certificates, such as validity, payment and confirmed income certificates (in three different languages: Finnish, Swedish and English)
  • easily take care of all pension or rehabilitation matters, such as checking your pension record, prepare a pension estimate, complete a pension or rehabilitation application and check the processing phase of your applications.

Log into the service with your personal bank codes or a mobile certificate.

Employer – also make use of the content of the Work ability section and the Varma Academy

For a year already, it has been possible to take care of all TyEL insurance and payment matters and all work ability-related measures, diverse risk assessments and preventive action plans in the Varma Online Service. Launched a year ago, the service has received favourable feedback from its users, and its advanced content is continuously developed. New up-to-date content is added to the Varma Academy for everyone taking care of employees’ work ability.

As a TyEL customer, you can

  • manage addresses and information related to insurance and payments
  • view invoice details and request for additional payment time
  • check employee-specific earnings data
  • print out payment certificates
  • create forecasts of future payments
  • obtain a report on TyEL payments for financial statements
  • securely submit messages and attachments to Varma
  • identify the disability risks relevant to your organisation
  • create an action plan for work ability management.

The Work ability section in the Varma Online Service allows creating a smooth process for the management of disability risks from the assessment of risks to the implementation of development measures and the monitoring of effects. The service helps you identify disability risks and prevent and manage them through correctly targeted measures. You can, for example, review both the company’s own data and benchmark data concerning age breakdown, development of TyEL payments, disability pension contribution, diagnoses leading to retirement and disability pensions, as well as the use of vocational rehabilitation.

With the risk assessment included in the Work ability section, you can identify your organisation’s disability risks earlier and at a more detailed level. With risk analysis, you can obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the current state of work ability and plan correctly targeted measures.

The Varma Online Service also features the Varma Academy. Our online learning environment aimed at our customers provides you with access to work ability management-related content that has been created by our experts. Take the new courses, for example: The brain, mind and work, Working hours and work ability in shift work and Working hours and work ability in specialist work.

As a private customer, you can benefit from the clear-cut service already before retirement

All pension or rehabilitation matters are managed easily in the unambiguous Varma Online Service app. In the service, you can check the amount of your future pension from the pension record, make pension estimates and apply for pension, for example. The data in the service can thus be easily used even before retiring.

In our online service, you can do the following, for instance:

  • check your earnings-related pension record
  • make a pension estimate
  • complete a pension or rehabilitation application
  • check the processing phase of your application
  • see decisions and documents
  • use pensioner services
  • send and receive messages and attachments.

Log into the service with your personal bank codes or a mobile certificate.

Varma Online Service is secure and easy to use

Varma Online Service offers services with many underlying good features appreciated by customers. Security and confidentiality, for example, are an integral part of the service. When you log into the online service, you can safely send messages, and employers can easily authorise their own experts or accounting firm employees using the service on their behalf and make any required changes in authorisations. In addition to a clear user interface, the text included in the service is as easy to understand as possible. Varma Online Service is open 24/7, and it is also easy to use on a mobile device.

The online service is now built on a completely new technology platform, so its development work can be continued with ease in the future as well.

The service is easy to use. All information needed for managing invoices is easy to see. Looks pleasant. A fresh and functional layout.

“We have received a lot of positive feedback from customer tests, so we are delighted that we can make the new functionalities of this update available to you. However, we will listen to feedback and development ideas with a keen ear, as the path towards increasingly user-friendly updates has already begun,” Kultti adds.


Log in to the Varma Online Service.

How can I access the Varma Online Service?

To use the Varma Online Service, go to the address and select “Log in”.

Information on how employers, entrepreneurs and accounting firm representatives can gain access to Varma’s online service. 

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