Processing of your personal data at Varma

Read the GDPR-compliant records in which we describe the processing of your personal data based on different roles.

Description of processing activities and informing the data subject required by the General Data Protection Regulation

In records that comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we describe how Varma processes its customers’ personal data in its operations, the grounds for processing data, the data the company processes, how long the data will be stored, to whom Varma discloses the data and how data-processing security has been arranged.

Select the suitable data subject category, such as pension applicant, person insured under TyEL or tenant of commercial or residential premises, and you will receive more information about the processing of your personal data based on that role. Varma’s Data Protection Officer is Jessica Aldegon.

Pension customer or rehabilitee
TyEL insured person
YEL insured person
TyEL company’s contact person
Tenant of residential and commercial premises
Privacy Statement Concerning Marketing and Customer Communications