Take out TyEL insurance

As an employer, you must arrange statutory pension cover for your employee through TyEL insurance. You can take out insurance with Varma quickly online. Our excellent client bonuses will decrease your TyEL contribution. Varma’s TyEL insurance is an affordable and reliable choice. We are the partner for tomorrow’s rising stars.

Take out TyEL insurance easily online

Taking out TyEL insurance is quick. For the insurance application, you only need:

  • 2–5 minutes
  • online banking codes or a Mobile ID

If you already have TyEL insurance with another company, we will terminate the insurance with that company on your behalf.

Take out TyEL insurance

You can also get insurance over the phone

You can also call us and our friendly customer service agents will get you set up with TyEL insurance. Call us at 010 192 100 and we will go over your situation together. We can take care of all your TyEL insurance matters for you.

You can reach our customer service from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm.

Varma provides significantly discounted insurance contributions

A discount is given to the TyEL insurance contribution in the form of client bonuses. The client bonus is money that is refunded to the customer. Varma is the most solvent earnings-related pension insurance company, and our client bonuses are among the best in the sector. 

All customers who have taken out a TyEL insurance policy with Varma benefit from the client bonuses right from the start of their customer relationship. The longer an insurance policy is valid and the more salaries that are paid, the higher the client bonus you receive. So it pays to be a long-term customer. Read more about client bonuses.

Take out Varma’s TyEL insurance quickly online

As Varma’s customer your TyEL matters are taken care of smoothly and reliably

As Varma’s customer you can be sure that your TyEL matters are taken care of smoothly and reliably. You can focus on your business.

  • The easy-to-use and diverse tools of Varma Online Service are available to you whenever you need them. On the service you can view your contributions and payroll, make contribution forecasts and send us messages.
  • We support you when your life and business change, whether the change involves an illness or the need for flexible payment arrangements. Our experts provide suitable service for your situation.
  • Our award-winning customer service is here for you in all TyEL insurance related matters from Monday to Friday, 8:00–16:00, in our chat and by phone at 010 192 100.

Take out TyEL insurance

Methods for developing work ability

As Varma’s customer you will receive genuinely effective methods for developing work ability. To support the management of disability risks, we offer a variety of data-driven work ability management tools, based on research. We help you in your busy daily life to take care of your and your employees’ ability to cope.

Our digital services will help you, for example, to identify the most common work ability risks in your sector. In addition, our work ability experts are at your disposal.

Take out Varma’s TyEL insurance easily online

Five reasons to choose Varma’s TyEL insurance

1. Affordable TyEL insurance

Varma offers you affordable TyEL insurance as we are the most solvent earnings-related pension insurance company. This is why we are able to offer excellent discounts on TyEL contributions.

2. Easy-to-use online service

As Varma's customer, you will have access to the user-friendly Varma Online Service, which is always open. In one service, you can easily take care of matters related to TyEL insurance and payments as well as work ability management. You can manage your TyEL insurance matters on your smartphone, for example, when it suits you best. If you also have Varma's YEL insurance, you can take care of your YEL insurance matters in the same service.

3. Professional service

Our experts, awarded by our customers, will support you through the changing and unexpected twists and turns of your business. Our friendly customer service can be easily reached by phone, via chat, and in Varma Online Service.

4. Flexible payment arrangements

Varma has its own knowledgeable collection advisors who constantly receive positive feedback from our customers. If you ever find yourself in need of flexible payment arrangements, don't hesitate to contact us! Together we will find a solution for your situation.

5. Responsible operator

In Varma, your earnings-related pension contributions are under excellent management as our investment activities are profitable and secure. Varma is a pioneer in sustainability. You can rest assured that while we look after your and your employees' pension cover, we also take the environment, our employees, and future generations into consideration.

Help with using our services

Take care of your TyEL matters online

In our online service, you can, for instance

  • view your TyEL insurance invoices and invoice specifications
  • view earnings by employee
  • send us messages and attachments through a secure connection
  • calculate estimates of TyEL contributions