Management of disability risks

Risk management is a fundamental part of business operations. Like other risks, disability risks can be anticipated and managed. It is essential to identify possible risks and the mechanisms that give rise to them in order to target preventive measures correctly and at the right time. While it is not possible to avoid all risks related to work ability, it is wise to be prepared for them.

Varma’s services to help manage risks

Can you answer, e.g. the following questions:

  • How are the business impacts of work ability – or disability – described in your company’s strategy?
  • Does the contribution category system for disability contributions affect your company?
  • How do the employees in your company describe their work ability?
  • What impacts have the development measures targeting work ability had?
  • Where can I get help if an employee’s work ability fails?

When possible risks and risk groups have been identified, it is easier to plan and target risk-minimising measures. Of the tools offered by Varma, the new ‘Risk survey tool’ and ‘Know the work ability cycle’ surveys, for instance, help with this. We also help build an effective early support model and strong work ability chain, which provide support as work ability weakens. You also have access to the continuously evolving Varma Academy courses and current webinars (mainly in Finnish), which offer you support for managing disability risks.

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Financial support for managing disability risks

Varma can provide its clients with financial support for managing disability risks through measures implemented by the client’s chosen partner. In financially supported projects, clients have a deductible that is at least 50% of the cost of the measure.

The support is risk-based, meaning it is focussed on Varma’s clients that have more disability risks. This means the impact of the measures and the effectiveness of the disability risk management will be better.

Financial support is not the primary measure for managing disability risks. The key measure is to survey the factors causing the disability risks and to devise a plan of action in order to manage the risks.

The amount of financial support depends on the extent of the disability risks and the size of the client company. Varma’s forecasting model and tools for surveying disability risks are used to assess and profile the disability risks.

Financial support is applied for through Varma Online Service.

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What does ‘disability risk’ mean?

Disability risk refers to the risk of an employee retiring on disability pension under the Employees Pensions Act (TyEL), thus increasing the costs for both the company and the earnings-related pension insurance company. Furthermore, the risk may be detrimental to the organisation’s operations if, e.g., the employee’s skills and work input are lost.

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  • examine data and analyses related to work ability
  • devise a work ability management plan of action
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