What to do when my work ability has weakened?

Are you thinking about the possibility of, for example, vocational rehabilitation or disability pension and would like to talk to an expert about your situation? Have you already received your decision?

We are happy to help

Do you have any questions related to vocational rehabilitation or disability pension?

You can reach our experts over the phone at 010 192 100 from Monday to Friday, 9:00–15:00.

You can also send a message to our specialist on our online service.

If you have received a rehabilitation decision, our rehabilitation specialist’s contact details can be found in your decision.

The processing stage of the pension and rehabilitation application can be checked on our online service.

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FAQ for the self-employed

  • Your YEL insurance must be in force on the day you fall ill to qualify you to receive YEL allowance. You can terminate your insurance if your sick leave lasts a minimum of four months.
  • In order to be able to terminate your insurance, we require you to send us a written notification. The insurance is terminated on the day you fall ill or on the last working day preceding it.
  • Do not terminate the insurance until you have received a decision on daily allowance granted by Kela so that you, as self-employed, have a shorter waiting period.

If you are granted disability pension and your YEL insurance is in force, we will terminate your insurance on the contingency date, i.e. the day you became ill.
The YEL insurance premiums you have paid after that date will be refunded to you.

Keep your YEL insurance in force during a rehabilitation programme related to your self-employment. YEL insurance must be taken out right from the start of your self-employment.