Applying for vocational rehabilitation

Apply for vocational rehabilitation once you have established that it could be an option for you given your situation, and that it is the most appropriate and relevant solution for you instead of, e.g. Kela’s partial sickness allowance. You may be entitled to rehabilitation even if you are not currently working; for example, if you are an unemployed jobseeker receiving daily sickness allowance or the cash rehabilitation benefit. Fill in an application for vocational rehabilitation, attach the medical statement B and the possible occupational health negotiation record. You can complete and send in the application and any attachments easiest through our online services.

Requirements for applying for vocational rehabilitation

You can apply for vocational rehabilitation if:

  • an illness or injury causes a threat of disability within the next few years
  • rehabilitation makes it possible to continue in working life
  • you have professional competence acquired through work or education
  • your work earnings over the past five years total at least EUR 41 143,38 (at the 2024 level)
  • you have earnings for the previous 36 months or during that time you were not gainfully employed due to caring for a child under 3 or an adopted child over 3
  • you are under your minimum age of eligibility for old-age pension
  • you are prepared to discuss at work, e.g. in an occupational health negotiation, and with a physician the possibility of your rehabilitation
  • you are prepared to obtain a medical statement B before applying for rehabilitation
  • you are prepared to present your plan for returning to work
  • you are not entitled to vocational rehabilitation based on a road accident or other accident.

We will process your application within roughly three weeks from when we have received your application and the required attachments.

Check your retirement age: 

Pension calculator

Work ability forecast

The work ability forecast indicates how much an employee is at risk of losing his/her work ability within the next ten years. The forecast can also be used to see how working conditions or lifestyle changes would affect future healthy working years.

Test your work ability on the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health’s website.

Fill in the application form and send attachments to Varma

Fill in the rehabilitation application and send the related attachments in Varma online service. You can take care of all your vocational rehabilitation matters in our online services.

Log in to Varma Online Service

You can also send the rehabilitation application and attachments to Varma via secured email:

  1. In the “Sender” field, enter your email address and in the ”Recipient” field, enter email address skannaus(at)
  2. Click continue and enter the subject and your message, attach any required file and send your message.

Send the rehabilitation application and related attachments primarily through Varma online service or via secured mail.
You can also send the application form and attachments by post, if necessary, to: Työeläkeyhtiö Varma, PL 3, 00098 VARMA

You can print out the rehabilitation application form (Application for rehabilitation within the earnings-related pension system) through the website työelä

Print out the rehabilitation application form through the website työelä



Help with using our services

Take care of your rehabilitation matters online

In our online service, you can, for instance

  • apply for vocational rehabilitation and send attachments
  • draw up and send a rehabilitation plan
  • claim compensation for commuting expenses during a work trial or education period
  • check your earnings limit
  • send a message to your rehabilitation specialist