Take out YEL insurance

YEL insurance, i.e. pension insurance for the self-employed, forms the basis of a self-employed person’s social security. You need YEL insurance if you are self-employed. You can take out YEL insurance with Varma quickly online. You get a 22% discount on your insurance contributions if you are newly self-employed.

Take out YEL insurance easily online

Taking out YEL insurance online is quick. For the insurance application, you only need

  • 2–5 minutes
  • online banking codes or a Mobile ID.

If you already have YEL insurance with another company, we will terminate the insurance with that company on your behalf.

Take out YEL insurance

Get your insurance over the phone

You can also take out YEL insurance over the phone. Call us at 010 192 100 and we will go over your situation together. We can take care of all your YEL insurance matters for you.

You can reach our customer service from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm.

Join our group of satisfied YEL insurance customers

More than 42,000 of tomorrow’s rising stars have chosen Varma to look after their pension security. We support you in navigating the twists and turns of your life and business, whether they concern a birth in the family, an illness or the need for flexible payment arrangements. We will help you keep your insurance cover at the correct level.

Three great reasons to take out YEL insurance with Varma

  1. You can conveniently manage your YEL insurance matters in the Varma Online Service when it suits you best.
  2. Our experts, awarded by our customers, support you in navigating all the twists and turns of your life as a self-employed professional. Our friendly customer service is easy to reach by phone, chat or Varma Online Service.
  3. At Varma, your YEL contributions are safe, as we are a solvent and highly efficient pension insurance company. You can entrust your pension contributions to us – we invest them responsibly and securely.

Take out YEL insurance

Help with using our services

Take care of your YEL matters online

In our online service, you can, for instance

  • apply for a change in your YEL income
  • view your past and future YEL contribution
  • request an extended term of payment for an invoice

Sign in to the service using your personal banking codes.

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