What to do when my employee is retiring?

Be prepared for employees' retirement

Employees always submit pension applications themselves. Employees may calculate their estimated pension through the Varma Online Service. The actual pension applications can also be easily made through the Varma Online Service.

Plans related to old-age pension can be discussed with employees, for example, in connection with performance reviews. If an employee needs to reduce their workload, partial old-age pension might be a good option. Rehabilitation or partial disability pension may be available options if an illness affects the employee’s work ability.

Below you can view the main points related to various pension options from the employer’s perspective. You can also read more about the topic:

An employee is retiring – what an employer should know?

Old-age pension

In addition to the wages of the retiring employee, report to the Incomes Register the employee’s end date of employment. If you report the wages of a retiring employee more than once during the month, include the end date of employment in each report. Varma always needs the information on the end date in order to be able to grant old-age pension.

We receive the wage data for the retiring employee directly from the Incomes Register. Wages need not be separately reported to Varma.

How to report retirement to the Incomes Register?

Partial old-age pension

An employee is not required to work or restricted from working during partial old-age pension. The employee has no obligation to inform the employer of the partial old-age pension if the employee does not wish to change working hours.

If the employee wants to work less hours when retiring on a partial old-age pension, part-time work must be agreed at the workplace. There is no need to report the working hours to Varma.

Disability pension

If an employee has applied for disability pension, we request
the employer to provide a description of the work duties and information on the working arrangements, as necessary.

In case of partial disability pension, the employee can apply for an advance decision when still working full time. After the advance decision, the employee and employer have ten months to agree on part-time work.