What to do when there's an error on my pension record?

Incorrect or missing earnings information

If there is an error in your information for 2019 or thereafter, contact your employer, who will correct the information in the Incomes Register. If your employer has terminated its operations or gone bankrupt, you can send us an enquiry in our online service.

If the error concerns earnings information from 2018 or before, log in to Varma’s online service and send us an enquiry. If the error is in public-sector earnings information, please notify Keva.

If the error concerns information that is more than six years old, you must, in addition to sending us an enquiry, provide proof of the missing information, such as a record of employment and payslip or tax information stating the amount of your paid salary.

Log in to Varma Online Service

The employer’s name is wrong

If your employer’s name has changed, it does not affect the amount of your pension. You do not need to report a name change to us.