Employee pension card and pension certificate

The employee pension card is available to pensioners drawing a permanent full pension. By showing the employee pension card, you can receive discounts on public transport, theatre tickets and public swimming pool entry fees, to name just a few. You can also download the employee pension card to a mobile device. In our online services, you can obtain a pension certificate, for instance, for the Social Insurance Institution Kela.

Employee pension card

We will send the employee pension card, which entitles the holder to pensioner discounts, by post to your home address roughly two weeks after the pension decision has been granted. The trilingual employee pension card serves as proof of retirement also outside of Finland.
You can obtain the pension card from Varma if you receive

  • old-age pension
  • permanent, full disability pension or
  • the years-of-service pension

The card can only be granted to persons who receive a permanent full pension, so partial early old-age pension, part-time pension, partial disability pension, the cash rehabilitation benefit or survivors’ pension do not entitle you to the employee pension card.

You can also use the employee pension card on your mobile device

You can also save your electronic employee pension card on your smart phone or tablet when you log in to our online service using your personal Finnish banking codes or a mobile certificate.

You can also order the conventional card from our online service if your old card has been lost or damaged.

The employee pension card page is only available in Varma Online Service to those who are entitled to the employee pension card.

Pension certificate

When dealing with the tax office, the social insurance institution (Kela) or social service offices, you may be required to provide certificates concerning your pension. The fastest way to get a certificate is by logging in to our online service. When you log in to our online service, you can print up a certificate stating the

  • amount of your monthly pension
  • the amount of pension paid this year
  • the amount of pension paid last year

The certificate in our online service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Do you need a signed or stamped certificate?

If you require a signed or stamped certificate, for instance for a visa, log in to Varma Online Service and send a message via the “Messages and documents” page, or send a request for a pension certificate via secured email to elakkeenmaksu@varma.fi.

  1. In the “Lähettäjä” field in turvaposti, enter your email address. Add elakkeenmaksu@varma.fi as the recipient.
  2. Click “Jatka” to continue and enter the subject and your message.
  3. Click “Lähetä” to send the message.

Log in to Varma Online Service

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Help with using our services

Take care of your pension matters online

In our online service, you can, for instance

  • order the employee pension card
  • send and receive messages and attachments
  • view decisions and documents in the electronic archive
  • update your contact details and raise your tax percentage.