What to do when I have fallen ill?

Short break from work

If you fall ill for a short period, there is no need to notify us. YEL insurance should not be terminated if your work is interrupted for a short-term illness. Even though your YEL insurance is not terminated due to an illness, you may still be entitled to daily sickness allowance from Kela.

Read more about the daily sickness allowance for the self-employed on Kela’s website

Longer sick leave

If you cease to work entirely due to a long sick leave, terminate your YEL insurance. The termination date is usually the onset date of illness. The insurance may be terminated if the break in your work lasts approximately four months. If there is no certainty that your activities will continue, your insurance can be terminated. YEL insurance can be terminated retroactively.

You should also terminate your YEL insurance if you do not completely cease to work due to the illness, but you work so much less that your work contribution remains below the minimum YEL income. In this case, the termination date will be the date when the work has decreased to below the minimum level.

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Terminate your insurance in Varma Online Service

When you resume working, take out new YEL insurance starting from the day when you begin working again.

Take out YEL insurance

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