What should I do when I want to retire?

Old-age pension

Old-age pension is possible once you have reached your personal minimum retirement age. Check with our pension calculator, when you can apply for pension.

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A self-employed person can continue their entrepreneurial activities during their retirement, but their YEL insurance will be terminated at the end of the month before the pension begins. Voluntary YEL insurance is possible also during retirement. If you are also employed, in order to receive the pension, your employment relationship must be terminated.

The lowest age of eligibility for pension for those born in 1958 is 64 years, and 64 years and three months for those born in 1959. The longer you remain in working life, the more pension you will accrue.

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Partial old-age pension

Partial old-age pension offers flexibility in life, and you can start receiving it at the age of 61. With partial old-age pension, it is possible to draw 25 or 50 per cent of the pension accrued by the turn of the previous year. This pen-sion is possible if no other type of earnings-related pension has been granted.

Being granted partial old-age pension does not require changes in your work, but you can make them if you wish. If your entrepreneurial activities are reduced or change in some other way in connection with the partial old-age pension, give us an estimate of your new YEL income using a pension application.

The amount of partial old-age pension is impacted by the age of the person retiring at the time the pension be-gins. If your partial old-age pension begins before you reach your minimum retirement age, a permanent reduc-tion for early retirement will be applied to your pension. If you retire on old-age pension after you reach your minimum retirement age, your pension will be credited with an increase for deferred retirement, and this in-crease is also permanent.

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