Identifying disability risks

Megatrends, such as digitalisation, the transformation of work and climate change – or the pandemic – are changing the economic structure as well as the operating conditions of businesses and organisations. At the same time, they are changing working conditions, working methods, organisation and leadership. Work ability challenges and risks are also changing. It is important to understand how disability risks are changing and how they can be influenced.

We help build a strong foundation

Do you know what kind of work ability your organisation’s work will require in the future?

What are the biggest risks to your employees’ work ability right now?

How can disability risks harm your business?

Take advantage of the existing information

Varma continuously accumulates a wealth of data on the work ability of our client companies’ employees and on the paths that lead to disability. We analyse this data with the help of, for instance, robotics, and we process it so that you, as our client, can draw on this data to prevent disability risks in your organisation. In addition, our research department produces, through studies conducted both independently and with partners, information on work ability to support you.

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Survey your company’s disability risks

We have created a new tool to help you more accurately survey your organisation’s disability risks. The earlier and more accurately an understanding of the possible risks is formed, the easier it is to develop operations in an anticipatory way and as effectively as possible. You can use our risk survey tool in Varma Online Service.

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Stay on top of your employees’ situation

As Varma’s client, you have access to our ‘Know the work ability cycle’ surveys, which you can use to regularly examine the factors affecting the work ability of your employees. There are surveys for various purposes and situations: With the Sense survey you can examine the situation, say, on a monthly basis, and you can use the Grip survey to gain more in-depth information, e.g., once a year. You can start using the surveys in our online service.

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Ensure sufficient competence

All employees should have sufficient knowledge of the factors that affect their work ability, such as how to ensure recovery or identify signs of burnout. Supervisors have a special responsibility and duty to ensure that work is healthy and safe and to identify risks that threaten work ability, while the person responsible for the company’s HR matters must, in most cases, oversee the entire work ability management system and ensure, e.g. smooth occupational health care co-operation. Varma Academy is an extensive source of courses and other digital content and tools to help develop competence. Varma Academy is freely available to all employees of Varma’s client companies. Varma Academy's content is mainly in Finnish.

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Help with using our services

Take care of your work ability matters online

In our online service, you can, for instance

  • survey your organisation’s disability risks
  • examine data and analyses related to work ability
  • devise a work ability management plan of action
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