Pension record

Follow your earnings-related pension accrual in your pension record. Your pension record shows you the employment relationships, self-employed activities and benefits on which you have accrued pension, as well as the amount of pension you have accrued. In our online service, you can check your pension record when it suits you.

How can I get a pension record?

In our online service, you can view your pension record when it is convenient for you. The electronic pension record always shows up-to-date information. Check your pension record regularly.

The pension record is available to employees aged at least 17 and self-employed persons aged at least 18 who live in Finland. If Varma was the insurer of your most recent employment relationship, then you will receive a pension record from Varma.

If you are already retired, you no longer receive the pension record. You can see your pension information in the services for pensioners in our online service.

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Who gets the paper version of the pension record?

The paper version of the pension record shows the amount of pension you have accrued until the end of the previous calendar year. We send the paper version of the pension record by post every three years to those who have not checked their pension record in our online service. This year, we will post the records between August and November. You can opt for the electronic earnings-related pension record in our online service.

Those under 59 years of age who have not checked their pension record in our online service will receive a printed version of their pension record every three years. In August–November this year, we will mail pension records to those born in Septebmer–December. In addition, we will mail pension records to those born in 1952–1961.


As of the 18 th of August:

  • Self-employed customers
  • Swedish-speaking insured persons

As of the 31 st of August:

  • Those born between 1952-1961
  • Those born between 1962-1964 in September-December


As of the 15 th of September:

  • Those born between 1965-1974 in September-December

As of the 29 th of September:

  • Those born between 1975-1984 in September-December


As of the 13 th of October

  • Those born between 1985-1993 in September-December

As of the 27 th of October

  • Those born between 1994-2003 in September-December

If you have not received your pension record according to your date of birth, we will send it to you at the latest by the end of November.

Your pension record states the amount of your pension

As of 2017, pension accrues on gainful employment starting from the age of 17. As of 2005, the age limit was 18 and before that it was 23. The changes to the age limits did not take effect retroactively.

A self-employed person can take out YEL insurance at the earliest at the age of 18. Pension accrues based on confirmed income under YEL insurance from that age on.

Your pension record provides you with

  • up-to-date information on the amount of pension you have accrued
  • an estimate of the amount of your future pension. The estimate is calculated under the assumption that your earnings level will remain at the current level until you reach the age of retirement.
  • a list of your employment history and the earnings on which your pension is based in a PDF. The name of your employer may have changed, but it does not affect the amount of your pension or your reported earnings.

If you receive partial old-age pension, our online service only shows you your earnings information starting from the year when your pension began.

The pension record contains information on pensions that have accrued under Finland’s earnings-related pensions acts. The pension record does not contain information on work performed abroad for a foreign employer. A pension received from abroad may reduce the amount of pension shown in the calculation.

The pension record does not take into account a possible reduced retirement age or voluntary supplementary pensions.

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Checking your pension record

You can see your full employment history in your pension record. See the additional information for checking your pension record.

Since 2019, employers have reported the earnings information of all their employees to the Incomes Register when paying salaries and wages.

You can view your most recent information at the address

Your earnings information from the previous month, which affects your pension, is transferred from the Incomes Register to Varma’s pension record on the 8th day of each month.

  • If there is an error in the information, contact your employer, who will correct the information in the Incomes Register.
  • If your employer has terminated its operations or gone bankrupt, you can send an enquiry in our online service.

If you notice any missing information in your earnings information preceding 2019,

  • log in to our online sevice and send an enquiry or
  • report an error in public-sector earnings information to Keva.

If the error concerns information that is more than six years old, you must, in addition to sending us an enquiry, provide proof of the missing information, such as a record of employment and payslip or tax information stating the amount of your paid wages/salary.

If your pension record includes employment relationships under LEL and/or TaEL, the pension record will state your employment year, the amount of your earnings and the pension that has accrued on your earnings. It will not include the start and end dates of your employment or the employer’s name.

LEL insurance covered employees of a private sector employer between 1962 and 2007 in the agriculture, forestry, construction or port sector.

TaEL insurance covered musicians, directors, reporters, translators and other groups working in the performing arts mentioned in the act who were employed between 1986 and 2007. Between 1998 and 2007, the act also covered brief private sector employment relationships outside of the industries covered by LEL.

These employment relationships did not accrue pension if annual earnings were below a certain level.

As an entrepreneur, you accrue pension on your confirmed income that is insured under YEL. Pension for the self-employed accrues according to the same rules as employees’ pension. The current year’s confirmed income is not shown at the annual level if you look at the pension record in the course of that year.

If you have not changed your YEL confirmed income, your initial income has been adjusted annually by the wage coefficient. This means the amount of pension that you accrue annually will remain the same. You can change your YEL confirmed income in Varma’s online service at any time if it does not correspond to the value of your work input.

You accrue pension for unpaid periods for which an earnings-based benefit is paid. Pension also accrues on periods spent caring for a child under the age of 3 at home, and on studies leading to a qualification or degree. Read more about pension security during unpaid periods.

You will be able to see the pension accrual in your pension record only in spring of the year after the benefit was received. The payers of benefits for unpaid periods, such as Kela and unemployment funds, report the previous year’s data to the Incomes Register by 31 March. As a result, the pension record might not include the amount of accrued pension and information on benefits before that date. If you notice errors or missing information in benefits you have received before 2019, send us an enquiry.

In addition to pension accrual, the pension record also usually shows an estimate of your future pension. The estimate is calculated on the basis of your most recent average earnings data. Estimates include the impact of the life expectancy coefficient and the amount of a possible increment for deferred retirement.

If you have not yet applied for pension, you can calculate estimates of your pension according to different starting dates in the ‘Pension estimates (pension calculator)’ page of our online service. You can also change the amount of your earnings on which the estimate is based.

Does your estimate include a public sector reduction?

  • If you worked in the public sector before 2005, the amount of your accumulated pension may have decreased due to the integration of pensions.
  • Your accrued pension will be reduced if you were born before 1960, your public-sector employment began before 1993, you retire before the age of 65 and your public sector employment ended before then.

Further information about the public-sector reduction is available at Keva

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  • see an estimate of the amount of your future pension
  • calculate estimates for other types of pension
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