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What does your pension consist of?

Your pension is affected by

  • annual earned income or, if your are self-employed, your YEL income 
  • certain unpaid periods and
  • the life expectancy coefficient

If your earnings are at least €58.19/month in 2017 (€57.51/month in 2016), your employer has to insure you. Self-employed activities need to be insured if they continue for at least 4 months and the earned income is at least EUR 7,645.25/year in 2017. Review on your pension record annual earned income, unpaid periods and effect of the life expectancy coefficient.

In 2017, we will send the record to those born in or before 1958. The younger will receive the record if they were born between May and August. You can view your pension record online every year.

How to check your earnings-related pension record (pdf)