How to apply for survivors' pension

Apply for survivors’ pension as soon as possible but no later than 6 months following the death of the primary beneficiary, because, unless there is a specific reason, survivors’ pensions are not payable retroactively for more than six months.

  1. Fill in the surviving spouse’s pension application. You can receive survivors’ pension if you were married before your spouse turned 65.
  2. Fill in a separate survivors’ pension application form for each child.
  3. Fill in an appendix U (Living and working abroad) if you or the primary beneficiary has worked or lived abroad. 

The fastest way to submit your application is through Varma's eServices.

Survivors' pension (pdf)

Pdf-applications in Työelä

Spouse's pension application
Orphan's pension application
- Information for pension applicants
Residence and employment abroad, appendix U
Please fill in the form preferably on your computer screen, print it out and sign it. You can send in an application either by post to Varma, P.O. Box 3, FI-00098 VARMA or you can scan your signed application and send it in a secure email

How to send a secure email to Varma

Send an encrypted message at the address
Enter your own email address as the sender.
Enter as the recipient.
Click Continue. Enter the subject and your message. Include the required attachments. Press Send.