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Varma’s rehabilitation partner can help in drawing up a rehabilitation plan

If your application for rehabilitation is approved, we can support you in drawing up your rehabilitation plan, if necessary, by offering you the guidance services of our rehabilitation partners.

Rehabilitation partners

Our rehabilitation partners are companies that provide professional career and rehabilitation guidance, employing coaches that are specialised in providing professional guidance. A personal coach will be appointed to assist you in considering jobs that are suited to your state of health. The coach will help arrange a work trial placement for you, and look into the possibilities of vocational education together with you, if needed.

Learn more about our rehabilitation partners
Read about the experiences of our rehabilitation customers in the Vera peer support service


You can apply for guidance from our rehabilitation partner by contacting the Varma rehabilitation specialist that has been appointed to you. You can find the rehabilitation specialist’s contact details in the preliminary rehabilitation decision you received.

Guidance provided by rehabilitation partners

Once you and Varma’s rehabilitation specialist have agreed on guidance provided by a rehabilitation partner, our rehabilitation partner will contact you to arrange a meeting. The number of meetings is based on the individual, and you will plan the meetings together with your coach.

When drawing up the rehabilitation plan, the following, among other things, are taken into account:

  • your work experience
  • your education
  • your remaining work ability and
  • your employment possibilities after rehabilitation

Guidance provided by our rehabilitation partner is realised, for instance, in face-to-face meetings, phone conversations or Skype meetings. The guidance programme may also include independent interim assignments, applying for jobs and visiting workplaces or schools. Active efforts on your part are essential for a successful outcome.

Maintaining contact during the guidance programme

During the guidance programme, you will draw up a plan primarily in co-operation with your rehabilitation partner. The rehabilitation partner will summarise your meetings and propose a rehabilitation plan to Varma.

We will give you a decision concerning support for your plan after you have independently recorded your plan in our eServices.

Costs of the guidance services

Varma will compensate the travel costs for your guidance meetings once you have filled in a commuting expenses invoice in our eServices.

While you are drawing up a plan, your income may consist of your salary, sickness allowance, unemployment allowance or the cash rehabilitation benefit, i.e. the fixed-term disability pension.

The payment of Varma’s rehabilitation allowance only begins when your rehabilitation programme, such as a work trial or training, begins. If you have not yet applied for rehabilitation, you can get an estimate of the rehabilitation allowance from our eServices. An estimate of the amount of the rehabilitation benefit is also attached to the preliminary decision on vocational rehabilitation.

After rehabilitation guidance

With successful planning, you will have a rehabilitation plan to support you in returning to work. If the plan is retraining, the rehabilitation partner supports and monitors the progress of your studies.

If a suitable rehabilitation plan cannot be created during your period of rehabilitation guidance, you will be referred, if necessary, to other service providers, such as Kela or the employment office (TE-toimisto).

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