Appealing Varma's decisions

Along with your decision you get appeal instructions.

If you are dissatisfied with your decision you can appeal to the Pension Appeal Board

If you have received a decision concerning your pension on rehabilitation from Varma that you are dissatisfied with, you have the right to appeal the decision within 7 + 30 days of posting the decision. If you have opted for an electronic decision, the appeal period is 3 + 30 days. If we cannot change the decision about your application in the manner you request, we will forward your appeal to the Pension Appeal Board.

Instructions for Appeal are attached to the decision and you should read them carefully before appealing the decision.

Submit your appeal online

The fastest way to submit your appeal is through Varma Online Service. You find the appeal form on Pension applications page. 

An appeal sent electronically must arrive no later than on the last day of the appeal period.

Appeal a decision in Varma Online Service

If you are unable to submit an electronic appeal

If you are unable to submit an electronic appeal, please deliver the appeal documents to the address Varma, Muutoksenhaku, PL 3, 00098 VARMA or as a secured e-mail to the address (the recipient being skannaus(at) 

The appeal must arrive at Varma at the latest by 4 pm (Finnish time) on the last day of the appeal period. If the last day of the appeal period is not a weekday, the appeal can be submitted on the following weekday.

The appeal must be made in writing. Please state the following in your appeal

  •  that the appeal is intended as an appeal to the Pension Appeal Board
  •  the decision you seek to have changed
  •  which sections of the decision you seek to be changed
  •  what amendments you require to be made to the decision
  •  the basis for your argument to change the decision.

Please include your name, identity code and adress in your appeal. Attach to your appeal the decision or a copy of the decision you want to have changed and documents you plead to in order to support your requirement. You may also send further evidence later. If your appeal concerns a survivors' pension, also include the name and identity code of the deceased.

Send secured email

Help with using our services

Take care of your pension matters online

In our online service, you can, for instance

  • view your documents
  • appeal a decision that concerns you on the 'Applicationd and notifications' page
  • send and receive messages and attachments.