Vocational rehabilitation plan

A rehabilitation plan is drawn up once you have received a positive decision on your vocational rehabilitation. The starting point for the plan is making use of your existing competence and finding opportunities for you to work in a job that is suited to your health. The goal is for you to be able to work until you reach your minimum retirement age.

What does a vocational rehabilitation plan consist of?

  • A rehabilitation option (work trial, job coaching, education, or support for the self-employed)
  •  A rehabilitation organiser (an employer or educational institution)
  •  The duration of the vocational rehabilitation (start and end date)
  • A contact person’s details (e.g. a supervisor during a work trial)
  • An explanation of how the plan supports continuing in or returning to working life

A carefully drawn up rehabilitation plan is a prerequisite for Varma to assess whether the planned measures can be supported. You are not, however, required to have a ready rehabilitation plan when you apply for vocational rehabilitation. Varma’s rehabilitation specialist and rehabilitation partners can help you draw up a plan.

How is a rehabilitation plan drawn up?

It is a good idea to consult with others when thinking about your options. Discussing the matter with friends, acquaintances, a supervisor and occupational health care gives you a broader perspective on your strengths and potential, and may even result in out-of-the-box ideas. You can gain inspiration, for instance, from the job descriptions in job listings or in the course descriptions of educational institutions. You can contact employers and educational institutions directly. You can take career aptitude tests independently on the internet to help spark ideas. Some employers also offer the services of a work ability coach through occupational health care to help you sort out your options.

Support from Varma’s rehabilitation partners consists of individual guidance, and it is initiated on Varma’s mandate. The mandate requires that you have been assessed as having the right to receive vocational rehabilitation covered by an authorised pension provider.

If you need help drawing up a plan, contact your personal rehabilitation specialist. You can find the contact details of your rehabilitation specialist in the preliminary decision on your vocational rehabilitation. We are happy to offer the support of our partners even if you already have an idea about your rehabilitation plan.

Draw up a rehabilitation plan while your preliminary decision is valid, i.e. within roughly 10 months.

You can draw up a rehabilitation plan in our online service.

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